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59.2: Where’d the Wendigo? – Bonus

*Author’s note: Ooh what are you doing? Skipping to the good stuff huh? That’s fine, have your dessert first. But if you haven’t read the previous chapter, might I suggest you start there? (And if you have, ok, alright, please continue. I was just making sure you saw it! Gawsh!)*

“Victoria?” Derrick called as he entered his front door and turned the corner to his living room. Not seeing her in there, he continued further into his home. Finding her jeep parked in his front yard when he returned home was a pleasant and unexpected surprise. He dropped the canvas bag he carried near the kitchen counter and noticed the door leading to his basement was slightly ajar. A smile appeared on his lips as he approached it and the scent of the raspberry candles below touched his nose.

Derrick rubbed his chin and his smile became a full blown grin as he thought about what Victoria could be doing down those stairs. Slowly he started forward, listening for any sign of her. And as he reached the bottom step, he felt an object press firmly between his shoulder blades and paused.

“Freeze!” her voice held caution and a hint of sass as she continued. “You’re under arrest, Mr. Constantine.” The cool metal slipped around his first wrist and then the other and slight confusion twisted his face.

Pushing him forward, he started towards a chair sitting solitary in the center of the room. “And may I ask what’s the charge?” he asked, playing along. As he sat, Victoria held up a wanted poster for him to read and he chuckled lightly before gazing into the semi-serious look on her face. “‘Heartbreaker’ am I? Well I really hope that’s no longer true in your case.”

When she lowered the paper, Derrick was finally able to fully take in her attire and the look of shock on his face said it all. Wearing a sexy cop’s uniform complete with a badge, short shorts, and a hat right down to a whistle and gun, she definitely looked ready for business. “Wow, Victoria…”

“Quiet, Prisoner! You may only speak when spoken to,” she growled, snapping the riding crop against her open palm as she stared down at him.

“Yes Ma’am, Officer Carson.” 

Victoria grabbed a handful of Derrick’s hair as she dropped into his lap, yanking his head back. “That’s Officer Hotpants to you,” she purred in his ear. Gently her teeth nipped at his earlobe. Her warm breath on his neck made his eyes close briefly as he inhaled the delicate scent of vanilla that lightly coated her skin. The action on his ear was sweetly followed by her tongue licking down the column of his neck. Victoria withdrew and planted a kiss just at the base of his throat and trailed up to his chin before kissing him softly on the lips. 

Her lips were dripping honey making him groan at the loss when she pulled away. Smirking as she licked across his mouth painstakingly slow, she felt the tension form in his muscles beneath her hands and pressed him against the chair. Teasing him with an equally as languid motion on his belt buckle as she sat in his lap, Victoria felt his cock twitch beneath her tiny fingers. She looked down at his crotch and back up to the grin on Derrick’s face. He shrugged and drew his bottom lip between his teeth. “It’s growing impatient.”

“Too bad,” she said and swayed her hips against him, making him groan. “I haven’t even begun to tease you.” Her hands caressed his chest and she enjoyed the way his shoulders stretched the cotton top he wore. “I hope you weren’t too attached to this shirt,” she whispered, placing her hands on either side of the flaps and giving it a rough yank. Buttons flew in different directions as she ripped it the rest of the way from his body and her lips quickly kissed down his pecs.

Another deep rumble started from his throat the lower her mouth went and again she felt his cock tremble at the nearness of her lips. Victoria stood from his lap and the immediate loss of heat from her thighs made Derrick clamp down on his bottom lip again while he watched her. Unbuckling his pants, he lifted his hips and she lowered them down his thighs, freeing the rigid arousal that so desperately wanted to play and watched it spring to life. “My, my, my. You would be very popular in prison, you know that?”

A smile curved her lips and she backed away from him with a look of satisfaction at the nude vampire sitting locked to a chair. “Does the crop come into play at some point?” he asked with anticipation as he watched her fiddle with something on a table near the stairs.

“What did I tell you about talking? I’m the one conducting this interrogation.” Victoria snapped and pulled off the hat on her head. “It looks like I am gonna have to run you downtown after all.”

“Wait, Officer Hotpants. I can’t go to jail, just look at me. There’s no way I could survive it,” he smirked and tilted his head as he looked at her seductively. “There uh, there must be some other way we can work this out!”

“Perhaps,” Victoria shrugged as she listened to Derrick try to proposition his way out of the handcuffs.

“I have money, lots of it. What’s say you spit out a number, any number, and I’ll see that you’re very well compensated?”

“Are you trying to bribe me?” she scoffed and ran one hand through her hair, loosening it around her shoulders and swinging it briefly. “Pfft. I don’t want your money. No. There’s only one thing I want tonight,” she purred as she drank in his nude body and unbuttoned the top two buttons of her blouse. “Tell me Prisoner, how do I look?”

“So very fuckable, Officer Hotpants,” he groaned between words.

“‘Fuckable?’ And is that you want, Prisoner? To fuck me?”

“More than you could ever know, Officer Hotpants.”

“I think I can see that for myself,” Victoria grinned and lowered herself to her knees. “What do you think? Should I fuck you? Should I let you bend me on my hands and knees and fuck me blind or run you in and let every lowlife in Avondale have a crack at you instead?”

“Mmm FUCK! Officer Hotpants …” Derrick groaned and dropped his head back momentarily as he addressed her. “The way you keep saying that word is killing me! Please, come over here and fuck me. I promise to show you the time of your life.”

“Ooh, bold words for a man in handcuffs!”

“Baby, I can back up every one of them. Oh fuck that’s so hot,” he moaned again while he watched her inch forward on her hands and knees, licking her tongue out at him as she moved.

Stopping midway towards him, she leisurely rubbed one hand over her breast while the other blazed a trail between her legs. Victoria nibbled on her index fingernail shooting Derrick a very innocent look that made him whimper and jerk in his binds. The headiness of her scent caused his eyes to flash red and she giggled watching him practice restraint. She knew if he wanted to he could have those cuffs smashed to a million pieces and her writhing on her back beneath him in a second. She appreciated he chose to play along. “Remember the night of Mike’s retirement announcement, Prisoner?”

“Vividly and with fond memories, Officer Hotpants.” 

“Well I know these aren’t exactly my dress blues and I’m sure you never imagined you’d be handcuffed but…” she started moving forward again and listened to his desperate sighs and moans. “I figured I’d give you what you’ve always wanted; my handcuffs on you and me on my knees, slowly crawling towards you.” When she reached him, she delicately tickled her fingers along the veins of his dick and smiled when it jerked beneath her touch. 

“Mmm,” Derrick growled and stared down at her with lustful eyes. A spot of precum had formed at the tip and was leaking down the side of his shaft. Victoria lightly licked it off, moaning as she tasted him and smiled wickedly at the forlorn look he gave her. “Did I do this to you when I brought you down here? Was it really this bad, Baby? Because you are driving me fucking crazy; and it’s my birthday of all days!”

“You’re right, Birthday Boy. Maybe I should give you a little relief.” Victoria seized his cock with her hungry, little mouth, swallowing it to the base and taking him deep in her throat. 

“Ohh fuuck!” Derrick groaned loudly as the heat of her mouth surrounded him. Victoria hummed as her hands played with his balls and her head bobbed quicker while his full length slipped in and out of her mouth. He thrust his lap upwards, slowly keeping in time with the rhythm she had set. As she sucked and bobbed, she looked up at him smiling and winking. Derrick’s near orgasmic state made his eyes loll and the mouth of his lover kept him virtually teetering on the edge of an explosive climax.

He moaned while calling her little pet names and speaking dirty expletives as he watched Victoria deep throat him. He felt the tip of his dick delve deeper into her mouth and throat and the heat of her breath cover his balls. Derrick pumped in and out of her, encouraging her continuous sucking and swallowing motions as she worked him into a mind numbing state of madness.

When she pulled off, he groaned in disappointment, going so far as to beg her to get back to it. Victoria giggled, feeling a rush of power as she listened to the usually cool and collected vampire beg her for something. Giving in to his demands, she again swallowed his cock into her throat. And when she opened her mouth and drew in his balls it should have been his ruin, but it wasn’t. Instead he leaned back against his seat and was treated to her tongue lashing with hard, firm licks. When she was done handling his sack, Derrick was ready to burst, but again she stopped in time to keep him going and went back to his shaft. 

No one had ever taken his thick cock to the depths of which she was taking it and the curves of her lips made him growl and rumble with pleasure. Victoria’s fingers continued moving over every exposed inch of his rod; palming his package, squeezing his balls and even rolling them between her soft hands. He shuddered feeling her teeth rake up the full length of his dick and back down again. She seemed to be keeping his release just out of reach and he was amazed at her incredible prowess to taunt him so effectively.

But Derrick couldn’t wait any longer. Breaking his cuffs, he grabbed Victoria’s head hard and slammed himself back into her mouth. Feeling as her nails dug into his skin, he knew she was holding on to him with all her might and he pumped in and out of her faster. He controlled the action until he felt his seed shoot free from his tightened balls and bounce against her tongue, coating the worn flesh of her throat. His cream shot free a few more times and his head fell back as he yelled with relief. “Fuck…” he muttered as he gazed down at her innocent brown eyes. “You’re too good at that.”

“You surprised me,” Victoria laughed, kneeling in front of him.

I surprised you? Your oral skills are mind blowing, Victoria! You’ve been holding out on me.” he exclaimed, watching as she caught her breath. “Now I’m kicking myself for all those missed opportunities!” 

“You surprised me by how long you held out. I expected you to be out of those handcuffs MUCH sooner. As for the blowjob, well, I couldn’t show you all my cards at once; then what would I have to keep you around?”

“I’ll tell you what,” Derrick grinned and pulled to her feet and towards him. “I think you may have just found my kryptonite.”

“Ooh was that a movie reference, Mr. Constantine? Who are you and what have you done with my Derrick?” 

Victoria leaned over to kiss him and felt his tongue fiercely invade her mouth. Crude hands moved over her breasts roughly tearing off her shirt and vest and tossing it to the ground beside his clothes. Derrick hooked his thumbs into her shorts and quickly made short work of them as well. Victoria shivered as she stood naked in front of him, anticipating his next move. A mischievous glint flashed in her eyes when she felt his hands slide up her thighs and he knew exactly what the small grin on her lips meant.

He’d seen it on her face a few times since the night he had her in here and came to recognize it as a desire to be controlled. Victoria wanted Derrick to be rough with her just like their first time. But not only dominated, she wanted to be pleased by someone that knew exactly how to do that to her and past experience pointed to her lover. “Squeeze them for me,” he ordered and grazed his lip with his tongue as he stared at her breasts. His smooth, timbered voice rolled over her like a warm breeze and she licked her lips as she gazed down at him, doing as told.

Derrick stood, gently pressing his lips against Victoria’s as his fingers worked between her legs. She moaned and bit his lip as he pushed two fingers inside her wet body, slamming them in and out of her roughly and making her scream. He rubbed his thumb over her slick nub and she began wiggling and squirming against him. Within moments he had three fingers deep inside her tight body, curling them and finding her g-spot.

Another moan of pleasure escaped from deep within her chest as his fingers burrowed further up between her open thighs. With a feverishly manic motion, he wiggled her throbbing clit and felt her climax pour over his hand and she trembled. Victoria was going crazy and she moaned into his mouth as her knees buckled beneath her.

Derrick quickly wrapped an arm around her back and slowly guided her into the chair. Dropping to his knees, he gently spread her legs apart and smiled up at her before dipping his head between her thighs. Maddeningly he sucked at her moist lips, slipping his tongue around her sensitive bud. He nibbled at it with his teeth and latched on tighter as he inserted two fingers into her and frigged her with deliberate thrusts at first. Victoria’s hips gyrated and her panting grew more labored as he fervently plunged his fingers deeper, bringing her to another orgasm. He knew she was biting her lip to keep quiet as her muscles clenched on his fingers and he was determined to hear her scream. 

A fiery torrent formed where Derrick licked frantically and the sensation began to edge throughout her entire body. She pressed her hips forward, encouraging him to move faster as his tongue continued its pleasing assault against her clit. His hot probing mouth worked its way up and down the length of her velvety, wet body, working harder and faster as he went. 

A long, anguished purr escaped from between her clenched teeth and she jerked in desire while he buried his tongue as deep as he could. An inferno blazed everywhere, from her head to her toes and nothing else existed but Derrick’s fingers and mouth on her flame seared sex. “Oh, yes, yes!” She keened, spreading her legs wider allowing him to jam his long tongue fully inside her as she thrashed into a wild orgasm. “Mmm!” Victoria quivered as the last wave rolled through her and Derrick stood, towering over her.

Pulling her to her feet, he took the chair and sat Victoria back into his lap.  His hard body pressed against her, melding them together with his rigid arousal wedged between her thighs. Victoria grinned as she guided him into her and she arched her back and moaned as she was still tingling inside and out from her orgasm.

“Oh my god!” she cried out and instantly chewed her bottom lip as the tingles that zipped through her womb became a full blown climax and her screaming became louder. Derrick just smiled and whispered his desire into her ear. He knew just the right mix of what to say to get her exactly where she needed to be.

He slammed his cock hard and deep inside her as he lifted her legs and began to fuck her. Victoria leaned forward, pushing her breasts into his face as she bounced in Derrick’s lap, panting and moaning as he drove her over the edge. With his free hand he grazed her clit and she whimpered and ground her hips hard against him. “Dammit, Derrick, I’m coming again!” she yelled, nearly in tears and he grinned a little. A few tears ran down her cheeks and she whimpered something about getting fucked well. He pulled out before she had a chance to come down and slammed into her.  

Pulling his stiff cock out of her tight body, he moved them to the floor. He ran his hand up and down her back and smiled to himself as he watched her wiggle her ass at him. With a little growl, Victoria looked back at him over her shoulder with those sexy doe eyes and smiled. “Goddamn, you turn me on,” he growled as his cock slowly slipped into her burning, hot sex. She pushed her sexy ass out to meet his thrusts each time. Derrick drove as deep as he could inside her clenching form and swatted her ass hard.

As he held her hips, she pushed back, forcing his cock deeper between her thighs until he was completely sheathed within the warm confines of her divine, silken treasure. His want matched hers as he stroked his stiff dick into her silken walls feeling it throb inside of her. Quicker Derrick rammed his cock deep, continuing to fuck her hard and tease her clit with his fingers. She moaned and thrashed against him, helping him ease into her at the same time. “Yes!” she screamed so loud it vibrated through her core and against his thighs. “That’s it Derrick, harder!” she begged. 

Obediently he complied, pounding her tight, little body and rubbing his shaft against every inch of her smooth, heated walls. Derrick wanted Victoria to come hard and he reached under her, twisting her nipples and making her coo in contentment. With his other hand, he teased her clit, rubbing it quickly as he rammed harder and faster. She began screaming and moaning louder with each thrust. “Oh god, Derrick I’m going to come again. Come with me, please,” she pleaded.

Derrick felt the tremor between his legs as he continued pumping his hips at her and he pulled her up against him, closing his mouth on Victoria’s neck as she spasmed against him. His hand closed around her breast, his fingers pinching her nipple as he licked and sucked the spot beneath her ear.

“Oh, Derrick, ohh yes!” She cried, trembling and clamping against him tightly. “Harder, harder, harder!” She screamed, nudging him over the edge. And when he came he came quick and hard; so hard he felt as though he would pass out as he shot round after round deep inside her body. His teeth closed firmly against her neck, being careful not to draw blood and he groaned primitively into her ear. Holding her closely, he ground their hips together as his cum spurted from his angry, purple head. 

And after a few more pushes, he slipped out of her swollen sex and rolled her over. Derrick kissed her deeply and held onto her for a few moments, enjoying the warmth of her slick skin beneath him. “I love you,” he whispered, and kissed her forehead.

“I love you, too.” He fell to his side and swiftly drew her back against him. “Derrick?”


“You know there’s a bed down here?”

“I know, baby, but where’s the fun in that?”

Victoria giggled as Derrick’s thumb drew circles over her belly as he held her from behind. “I missed this,” she silently confessed with a sigh. “Happy Birthday.”

“Thank you, Victoria, this was the best birthday present ever.”

“In speaking of presents, you owe me a new pair of handcuffs,” she smiled in post-coital bliss.

Derrick laughed and rolled a hand through Victoria’s damp locks before tenderly kissing her cheek. “Sure thing, baby.”


  1. Like how they didn't even make it to the bed. LOL yep, that's my only comment hahahaha

    1. Haha. Vik expected to be taken there too. Derrick wasn't having that. Not sure he likes the tables being turned on their domination :P

      Thank you for um...staring at Derrick's naughty bits! :O

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    1. Thank you :D I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm sure Derrick is properly pleased as well. He's quite the performer! O.o

  3. If she's doing birthdays... Derrick has an unfair advantage. He has two...