Wednesday, March 20, 2013

07: The Good Samaritan Pt. 3

You heard me right Vik that thumb drive has aided in the arrest of seven 4th Street Riders with affiliations to the Family with two more scheduled within the week. Where did you find this thing?”

“I had help from a friend. We were able to have Philip ‘Sketch’ Martin arrested for the murder of Jake Foyers and with the evidence on that drive we have more than enough to prove motive. The rest should be easy. CSU collected enough trace evidence from the scene but we never had anything to compare it to. I hear we already have a positive on a hair follicle found on the ground beneath the exhaust, we don’t really need more to make our case but I anticipate it’ll all add up.”
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Sunday, March 10, 2013

06: The Good Samaritan Pt. 2

“Geez Derrick, is this the danger you were referring to?” Victoria asked holding still in her position beside the door.

“Not quite. Shad, you wanna get that gun off my girl before you lose that arm?”
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