Sunday, November 8, 2015

58: Where’d the Wendigo? – Pt. 2

“Sana et Mederi. Sana, sana, Mike, sana, sana,” Victoria chanted. It was going on the third hour she sat on the floor of Derrick’s attic conjuring potions, performing rituals and casting magic. Tirelessly, she’d researched information on cures and healing spells and though none ever seemed to work she was determined to keep trying. And Hades, her loyal and lovable companion, stood watch over his master while she went in and out of trance. Taking hold of the Athamé, she slit her palm open and let the drops of her blood pour into the mortar and crushed it between herbs with her pestle. “Exurge, exurge, exurge. Sana, sana. Látum lausa Draco Sanguinem. Sana, sana, sana,” Victoria continued.
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