Chapter 01: Don't Lose Your Head - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Cole, Captain Mason, Mike, Tommy, Nick, Vito, Benny
Victoria Carson works hard and is good at her job. After logging 18 hours at work, she comes home to find her ex-boyfriend waiting with dinner and information on one of her cases. Tommy Calabrese locates a missing gambler and takes care of business as only he knows how.

Chapter 02: Don't Lose Your Head - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Cole, Captain Mason, Mike, Marie, Benny, Officer Petey, Sergeant Lambert, Walter Nelson
Victoria gets a call from the on-scene sergeant that the body of a local warehouse merchant may be related to her partner. She quickly heads to the scene to discover a brutal crime that the killers made no effort to cover up. Mike, Victoria's partner, soon arrives and drops a bomb: his 7yr old niece is missing!

Chapter 03: Don't Lose Your Head - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Tina
Victoria and Mike arrive at his brother's place and find signs of Tina's existence. While there, Victoria makes another discovery as a man is found lurking in Benny's backyard; the very same one that appears later on at Mike's place before a shootout!

Chapter 04: Don't Lose Your Head - Pt 4
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Cole, Travis
The investigation continues but hits a wall when the detectives learn that even with video evidence, there's not  enough to prosecute the ones believed involved. Cole invites Victoria to lunch and has an interesting conversation about their relationship. Victoria encounters her stranger again and he makes an interesting suggestion about "what's really out there".

Chapter 05: The Good Samaritan Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Mason, Officer Trumbull, Sergeant Barnes, Shad
Victoria starts a new investigation as Mike's brother's homicide is placed temporarily on the backburner. She finds herself digging through a cold case that caused her a lot of grief and is happy to remove the black mark from her jacket. But the tip that helps reopen the investigation comes from a very interesting source.

Chapter 06: The Good Samaritan Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Shad, Sketch,
Derrick takes Victoria to meet an associate of his and they move one step closer to finding evidence to aid in a year old open homicide case. And as Victoria's frustration mounts over the "help" Derrick offers, she finds a way to deal with him and get to the bottom of the case.

Chapter 07: The Good Samaritan Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole, Sketch, Judge Collin Greenwall, Rebecca Graham,
Victoria goes to court to testify against Philip 'Sketch' Martin on the murder of Jake Foyers. Derrick drops by her house unexpectedly with a gift and she finds herself questioning his motives.

Chapter 08: Murder in the First Degree Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Mike, Cole, Captain Mason, Agent Ford, Agent Davis, Officer Parker
Victoria gets a visit from IAD who have some very interesting revelations to announce about her past cases and her future with the Avondale Police Department.

Chapter 09: Murder in the First Degree Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole, Mike, Captain Mason, Vex
Mike is upset as news of Victoria's suspension hits the papers. Cole and Victoria have lunch and she explains the situation behind her situation and he tries to wrap his head around the IAD investigation. Afterwards they go to her place under friendly circumstances and Victoria has a visit from an interesting character who seems to be following her.

Chapter 10: Murder in the First Degree Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike
Victoria receives upsetting news from her partner that IAD may be proceeding with criminal charges against her and she might permanently lose her badge. Derrick stops by with a toothy and surprising revelation for the Detective and she learns about a world she never thought existed.

Chapter 11: So It Begins...Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Perry, Jake
Derrick takes Victoria to his underground nightclub Dante's to see more of his kind. While there he explains to her the reasons why she never noticed supernatural creatures walking around before. And as Victoria listens and watches the people around here she finds she's also in for another surprise.

Chapter 12: So It Begins...Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Perry, Jake, Cole, Vex
Victoria confronts Derrick about Jake and learns that looks can be deceiving. While she believes him to be alive, Jake has joined the land of the undead. Having a small psychotic break, Victoria tries to make sense of everything she's learned about Derrick. Arriving home, she finds Cole waiting for her and things take a turn in their relationship.

Chapter 13: So It Begins...Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Benny
The day of Mike's brother's funeral has arrived and Victoria sits with him for hours in the cemetery between eerie surroundings and unexplained events. Victoria decides to take a break from the city and heads to her family's cabin in the woods and Derrick drops by to see her off.

Chapter 14: Wrong Turn Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria
Victoria takes a trip to her family's cabin in the woods. Once there, strange occurrences lead her to believe she's not alone in those woods. With something evil on the horizon, the challenge becomes keeping her wits long enough to stay alive.

Chapter 15: Wrong Turn Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Melina, Nona, Sasha
Victoria has an unexpected surprise visit from Derrick while up in the woods and learns his gift is more than meets the eye. But Derrick's arrival is far from the only surprise and Victoria soon discovers there are a lot more creatures out in those woods!

Chapter 16: Wrong Turn Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Melina, Nona, Sasha
Victoria and Derrick are confronted by the Nymphs concerning their dead sister. Derrick talks to Victoria about the number of supernaturals in the other realm and she finally suspects her mother may very well be a witch, opening a door she's never been through.

Chapter 17: Wrong Turn Pt. 4
Characters: Victoria, Derrick
Victoria and Derrick sit out on the beach and he opens up a little about who he is and where he came from.

Chapter 18: Bad Gets Worse Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Mason, Officer Bertram, Officer Briggs, Officer Cantrell, Officer Stansig, Officer Turner
Mike and Victoria catch a break with an easy case but while on the scene, Victoria sees something that has her believing she's going crazy. Derrick visits to see how she's handling her newfound discovery of who she is and Victoria's dreams become even more violent to the point she's now feeling them in her waking moments.

Chapter 19: Bad Gets Worse Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Mason, Cole, Robert Goldman, Tessa, Vex
Derrick pays a visit to the station to talk to Victoria, indicating he knows something about her dreams. Mike and Victoria interview Robert Goldman concerning the recent murders of his family and his reaction is rather suspicious. At home, Victoria calls Cole to try and reconnect with an old friend but he's unwilling and upset hearing from her.

Chapter 20: Bad Gets Worse Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole, Tessa
Derrick informs Victoria over breakfast the possible reason behind Cole's new attitude and she discovers that magic is near her at all times. Acting fast, she goes after a Succubus who is influencing her friend to try and put a stop to her magic before she claims Cole's life.

Chapter 21: Bad Gets Worse Pt. 4
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Cole, Tessa
Derrick has everything needed to take the Succubus down and informs Victoria she must do this before it's too late. Meanwhile at work, Mike is trying to make the evidence for a current case fit an old crime to take out a man who has caused him the most grief.

Chapter 22: Pink Diamond Heist Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Mason, Vex, Lynn, Cole
Victoria and Mike settle in for a long one as a case comes across their desk involving a stolen precious jewel and the deaths of one of the armed robbers. And as if her plate wasn't full enough, Victoria gets a visit from one of her sisters and tries her hand at casting a spell in the privacy of her home.

Chapter 23: Pink Diamond Heist Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Vex, Perry, Freddy, Reggie, Maron, Stephan
Victoria goes to see Derrick in hopes of getting answers about her dreams only she doesn't get quite the comfort she was looking for. A tainted drink at Derrick's nightclub gives new meaning to "feeling loose". And Victoria sets her partner's sights on a possible suspect in the diamond heist.

Chapter 24: Pink Diamond Heist Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Mason, Cole, Brad Devereux, Roger Tanner
Victoria and Mike follow a lead that pointed them towards Brad Devereux, a high class citizen with all the right connections. Bringing him in for questioning Victoria learns that Mr. Devereux may have a supernatural secret of his own, one that Derrick is more than happy to point out to her!

Chapter 25: My House Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick
Derrick invites Victoria to his place for a chat. When she arrives she's in a less than excited mood and Derrick does his best to be a gracious host while giving her the grand tour of his "murder house" but forgets the main reason he called her over.

Chapter 26: My House Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta
Derrick pays a visit to Victoria to check in on her and tell her the real reason he asked her over to his place. After setting up a magic room, she begins practicing her spell work and finds that Derrick is a less than willing guinea pig. And while taking a short break, Victoria makes another discovery in her notepad that may be the key to understanding her family's powers.

Chapter 27: My House Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta
Victoria and Derrick make the trip to Danbury Ridge to meet Loretta, Victoria's long lost grandmother. And she gets an unpleasant surprise when she finds Derrick and Loretta may have been hiding something from her this entire time.

Chapter 28: What Goes Up...Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta, Magnificent Dan
Victoria and Derrick have been spending quite a bit of time at Loretta's and it's paying off. Victoria is strengthening her magic and learning a lot about her family and her powers. On top of that she's been practicing her fighting skills with Derrick. And while he doesn't like being a punching bag, he's impressed by her gradually increasing skills. In hopes of unwinding, the two take a trip to the Festival of Lights, but they get more of a show than they bargained for.

Chapter 29: What Goes Up...Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta
Victoria and Derrick make it back to Loretta's and explain the events of the night to her in detail. She works on uncovering the reasons for the attack and find that something has attached itself to her granddaughter. In hopes of un-working the magic, she sends them on a hunt for herbs before placing Victoria under a spell that will help them get to the bottom of things.

Chapter 30: What Goes Up...Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta
Victoria is trying to relax after finding herself the victim once again of a dream demon while Loretta and Derrick continue working towards an answer. Finding her granddaughter near the front porch ogling Derrick, Loretta decides to test just how much she cares for the vampire.

Chapter 31: I Fall to Pieces Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Cole, Vex
Cole stops by for an surprising visit, finally reintegrating himself back into his life after the blowup with Tessa. Later Victoria makes a shocking discovery about someone close to her and starts to wonder who she can and can't trust.

Chapter 32: I Fall to Pieces Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Jake Foyers, Jared, Perry Malone, Robbie
Victoria and Mike stumble upon a serial case that may be more than meets the eyes. Meanwhile Derrick is keeping track of the case in the news and something about the victims seems oddly familiar to him.

Chapter 33: I Fall to Pieces Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta, Jake
Derrick, trying to get back in Victoria's good graces, seeks Loretta's help in mending ways with the detective. Meanwhile Victoria, finally fed up with Derrick's constant badgering, heads to see her grandmother in hopes of finding a way to permanently detach herself from the vampire once and for all.

Chapter 34: The Unlikely Duo Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick
Victoria is stuck at work with an overload of cases and Derrick has an idea to help relieve her stress. After a short stop at his place, Derrick and Victoria embark on a road trip that will lead them to the first of many talisman and a quest that won't end until the battle of good versus evil is over!

Chapter 35: The Unlikely Duo Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Tony Ridgedale, Maggie, Mindy
Victoria and Derrick head to the place her magic pinpointed the location of a mystical talisman. Unfortunately to Victoria's surprise it's a nudist resort, a fact Derrick "forgot" to mention. Once there, she debates the importance of stripping down and heading inside before realizing it is for the greater good.

Chapter 36: The Unlikely Duo Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Delores, Richard, Charles, Eddie, Greg, Lynn, Regina, Virginia
Victoria heads home for Thanksgiving and an unexpected guest, Derrick, shows up on the doorstep of her parent's home. After a reluctant invitation, Derrick gets to peek behind the curtain and learns a bit about the detective's childhood. But things take a turn when Delores, Victoria's mother, decides to show her hand to the vampire sitting at her dinner table.

Chapter 37: Truth and Consequence Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole
Victoria and Derrick comb over the information on the serial case as she comes across a Supernatural connection. Things take a turn for the worse when Cole comes over and finds the two in a compromising situation. Rather than compel him to forget, Derrick introduces him to the underworld in a crash course.

Chapter 38: Truth and Consequence Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole, Mike, Aria, Captain Mason, Officer Briggs, Officer Turner
Derrick pays a visit to Cole's place to confront him about the incident at Victoria's home the week prior. Mike is throwing a Christmas party and Victoria arrives to Derrick's to pick up her date and Derrick make sure he gets something "nice" under his Christmas tree.

Chapter 39: Truth and Consequence Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Rowan Grafton, Brad Devereux, Martin Vann, Seymour
Before Derrick escorts Victoria to Brad Devereux's banquet party, she gets to meet the man who turned him into a vampire. And afterwards Devereux hands over a suspect in the museum robbery/homicide case. Meanwhile Mike stumbles across a lead that might mean the conclusion to a long fought battle to bring his brother's killer to justice.

Chapter 40: The Burning Question Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Mike, Bossley, Frankie "The Fixer" Bonanno
Following a lead, Victoria and Mike go on a stakeout and wait for their suspect, Frankie The Fixer, to arrive. But things take a dangerous turn and the two detectives find themselves on the wrong side of a shootout where one might not make it out alive!

Chapter 41: The Burning Question - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Mike, Cole, Captain Ed Mason, Dr. Linman, Officer Brown, Officer Mills
After a sting operation gone wrong, Victoria tracks down the rat only to find someone got to him first. Meanwhile, Mike is awake from surgery and about to face news he had never expected to hear.

Chapter 42: The Burning Question - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick
After mulling over her situation and a recent conversation with Cole, Victoria goes to see Derrick. Except things don't exactly go the way she had planned.

Chapter 43: The Walls Between Us - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike
Victoria awakes to find herself in Derrick's house, in his bedroom, in his bed...naked. Quickly dressing she tries to sneak away but learns that a vampire's keen sense of hearing is trickier than she thought. Later, Derrick goes with Victoria to get Mike from the hospital and she comes to understand the reason he seemed so distant lately.

Chapter 44: The Walls Between Us - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Peter Amato
Victoria gets the scare of her life when she finds not everyone living in Derrick's home is exactly alive. A ghost from the past comes back hoping to settle a few scores and Victoria is the only one who can see him. Can she help lay his soul to rest? Later, she asks something of Derrick that she may very well live to regret.

Chapter 45: The Walls Between Us - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Captain Ed Mason, Tommy "The Breeze" Calabrese, Alex Cordova
Victoria informs Captain Mason on her plans to quit the force. Under much reluctance, he finally agrees to give her the severance she asks for. Afterwards, she pays a visit to Mike's place to let him in on a little secret about herself. Derrick takes Victoria to the vampire nest in hopes of catching the serial killer making Avondale his personal feeding grounds, but things don't go as planned.

Chapter 46: To Hell and Back - Pt. 1
Victoria's life hangs in the balance while Derrick and Loretta struggle to find ways to save her. Trouble brews when they learn that while the detective lies comatose in bed, she has no way to safeguard herself from the nightmares she's been avoiding!

Chapter 47: To Hell and Back - Pt. 2
Victoria's dreams seem frighteningly real and become so when she awakens and realizes she's pulled an object from them. It gives her an idea on how to combat the dream demons and win back her sleeping freedoms.

Chapter 48: To Hell and Back - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Loretta, Hades
Victoria and Derrick enter her dream to track down the source of her unrest. What they find may result in even more nightmares than before!

Chapter 49: Strange Bedfellows - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Hades, Alexis
Victoria grows concerned over Loretta's disappearance. And Derrick begins exhibiting strange behavior as uncontrollable urges take over.

Chapter 50: Strange Bedfellows - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cole, Mike, Hades
Victoria asks Derrick about his late nights and sleeping habits but doesn't get the answer she's looking for. Loretta, who has reappeared, also avoids informing Victoria of her whereabouts and she comes across some shocking information concerning her Mother.

Chapter 51: Strange Bedfellows - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Rowan, Captain Mason, Hades, Marcel
The night of Mike's awards ceremony, Victoria and Derrick reveal something intimate with one another. But the celebrations are not without their controversy. Rowan makes another appearance and a lingering threat to Derrick may prove more dangerous to his relationship with Victoria.

Chapter 52: Strange Bedfellows - Pt. 4
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Rowan, Hades, Marcel, Cort
Derrick goes searching for Victoria and finds her with his sire. Victoria, on the other hand, gets a rude awakening as to the man Derrick used to be thanks to information from Rowan. Rowan unknowingly sets off a chain of events that will have Victoria preparing herself for the showdown of a lifetime.

Chapter 53: A Stroke of Luck - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Cole, Alexis
Suspicious of Derrick's recent activities, Victoria enlists Cole's help to do a little background search on him. Meanwhile, Moonlight Detective Agency is up and running and Mike and Victoria get their first case: assisting a leprechaun with recovering his stolen loot.

Chapter 54: A Stroke of Luck - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Hades
Victoria and Mike are one step closer to finding their perpetrator. Meanwhile, Victoria finds a quiet moment to review the information she received from Cole. And Derrick finally cracks in front of Victoria and the result is far from what she could have ever expected!

Chapter 55: A Stroke of Luck - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Rowan, Marcel, Perry Malone, Aidan Byrne
Finally fed up with the non-communicative Derrick, Victoria tracks him down to Rowan's but is surprised by what she finds. When it appears she just missed the rogue vampire, she heads to work but makes another impromptu decision to locate her missing lover.

Chapter 56: A Stroke of Luck - Pt. 4
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Aidan Byrne
Victoria, along with Derrick's help, track down the culprit responsible for the theft of their client's storage unit. Later, Derrick approaches Victoria with an offer she can't refuse.

Chapter 57: Where'd the Wendigo - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Marguerite Mitchell
Victoria and Mike are taken by surprise when a woman walks into their office and asks them to locate her missing daughter. The surprise? The young girl's not human! Meanwhile, Derrick is rounding out the last half of his detox and is desperate to fix things with Victoria.

Chapter 58: Where'd the Wendigo - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Eva, Hades
Derrick's birthday is tomorrow and Victoria plans a surprise for him. Meanwhile, Victoria and Mike make a break through in their current case that has ramifications for cold cases and a possible serial killer.

Chapter 59: Where'd the Wendigo - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Mike, Hades, Marguerite Mitchell, Kelly Matheson, Daniel Matheson
Victoria and Mike make a break in the case and close in on the missing teen's possible whereabouts. They also may have figured out the reasoning behind the supernatural serial killer's motives and where he plans to strike next. *Chapter contains bonus chapter*

60: At the Center of it All - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Hades, Cultist
Victoria receives a frantic voicemail from a potential client and decides to investigate. When she arrives at the destination, she finds her client dead and it unleashes a series of events that may end up with more than one body.

61: At the Center of it All - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Cultist
Derrick takes Victoria to his place to interrogate their captive.

62: At the Center of it All - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Rowan, Marcel, Aria
Victoria and Derrick confront Rowan who shares a part of his reason for being in town. Victoria has lunch with Aria to snag a useful piece of information for Mike.

63: Trial and Error - Pt. 1
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Rowan, Delores, Marcel
Victorias mother makes a surprise visit with revelations and “truths” no one expected. Derrick tells Victoria he may have discovered a way to get Rowan off her back and make everyone happy.

64: Trial and Error - Pt. 2
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Rowan, Marcel, Elder Emery, Elder Julian
Victoria meets with the Elder vampires Rowan has been plotting to get her in front of and learns she is destined to endure a series of trials to prove she is capable of defeating the Destroyer.

65: Trial and Error - Pt. 3
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Rowan, Marcel, Elder Emery, Elder Julian
Victoria begins her trials after undergoing a magic injection by a coven of witches. After the series of gladiator style battles, she receives an unexpected reward from one of the elder vampires.

66: Which Witch is Which?
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Brad Devereux, Seymour
Seeking assistance with honing her craft, Victoria pays a visit to Brad Devereux who agrees to help her if she in returns, does a small favor for him as well.

67: Which Witch is Which?
Characters: Victoria, Derrick, Mike, Brad Devereux, Elder Cassat
Victoria begins her pursuit of more power but something goes awry and when Brad Devereux is attacked in his home, Victoria finds herself in real peril. Meanwhile, Mike and Derrick may have found a promising lead about Devereux's stalker.

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