What do you get when you cross a hard-nosed cop with a suave, double talking, rogue card shark? The perfect team for solving the darkest supernatural cases. Victoria Carson has been the number one detective in the field with the Avondale Police Department for five years. She's cracked cases that even the most learned homicide investigators deemed unsolvable and brought many high profile criminals to justice.

But the city of Avondale has a new threat on the rise and dozens of odd reports have been flooding the desks of the local precinct leaving authorities baffled. That is until Victoria stumbles upon a link to an underworld many believed to be myth and a mysterious figure with a predilection for blood.

Derrick Constantine is no stranger to law enforcement. His opulent lifestyle has made him the center of attention a time or two but its his arrogance that gets him in trouble the most. Often found in the bleakest of establishments hustling card games, Derrick enjoys the company of the more nefarious citizens of Avondale to that of his pedigree. It is because of this he has learned enough about the corruption that shrouds the town in darkness and knows his way around the evils that lurk in the shadows.

But when he crosses paths with Victoria, he realizes that there is much more than copious amounts of alcohol, wild women and late nights to fill his world...though you'll never hear him say that. With the help of her friend and FBI contact Cole Downing and the reluctant consultant she finds in Derrick, Victoria begins piecing together the mystery of the city of Avondale and what secrets lie beneath.


  1. I nominated this story for a Liebster Award. :) Thanks so much for sharing all your stories with us! http://arayofsunshinehobble.blogspot.com/2015/05/liebster-award.html

    1. Thank you! I am very honored that you would nominate me *blush* I will get to work on the questions soon! :D