Sunday, June 29, 2014

43: The Walls Between Us – Pt. 1

Victoria awoke with a start, her eyes slowly adjusting to the ginger candlelit hue of the room she laid in as her hands rubbed over her face. Her damp tresses swept wildly over her head and she brushed them back sleepily as she sat up. Air from the vent above the bed licked at her exposed flesh, causing her nipples to alert her of the cool conditions of the room and she pulled the blanket tighter over her shoulders.
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Sunday, June 15, 2014

42: The Burning Question – Pt. 3

“Victoria, what are you doing out here?” Derrick asked in shock as he opened his front door to find the detective dripping wet on his welcome mat. “It’s pouring rain, you could get sick!” He replied and reached a hand towards her with genuine concern. A quiver of awareness edged through her body at the mere touch of his hand on her cheek. And there it was again.

Victoria had tried to fight the urge to face him; to walk up to his door and see him after the fool she’d made of herself the night of Devereux’s party. And yet she allowed her legs to carry her here. And now she stood in front of the one man who, for the past week, had been avoiding her. Pulling away as if she’d been burned by his fingers, she took a step back, blinking several times to gather her wits about her. He watched her with his eyes narrowed and expectant, waiting for her to speak.
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Sunday, June 1, 2014

41: The Burning Question – Pt. 2

This isn’t right, this can’t be happening right now, Victoria thought as she stood in the waiting room listening to the Doctor tell her they were doing their best to stabilize Mike. She couldn’t understand what he was saying, as if all of a sudden the doctor spoke a different language and none of this was real. There was no way she was standing in front of this man listening to him tell her that her partner may not pull through or that he may not be able to continue in his line of work. 
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