Sunday, October 27, 2013

24: Pink Diamond Heist – Pt. 3

“Not the dead guy,” Mike responded matter-of-factly as he dropped a stack of papers on the conference room table in front of Victoria. “That guy you called me about last night, Brad Devereux, he’s connected. I’m talking dinners with Senators, golfing with the Mayor even fishing trips with the governor for Christ’s sakes.”

“But ‘connected’ doesn’t mean he’s clean.”
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Sunday, October 13, 2013

23: Pink Diamond Heist – Pt. 2

Pacing her living room after another night of the same dream, Victoria sipped slowly from the cup of Chamomile she’d made for herself and growled in a low tone that rumbled in her chest. Something was happening to her that she couldn’t explain and the one person with the answers wasn’t as forthcoming as she’d hoped he’d be. Fluttering near the patio door moved her eyes from her hands momentarily and she saw the sleek, black feathers of her newly claimed pet just outside the sliding glass.
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