Sunday, March 9, 2014

38: Truth and Consequence – Pt. 2

“What the hell are you doing here?” Cole growled as he opened his front door to find Derrick standing in the hallway. “Get lost before I stake you.”

Derrick smiled sinisterly and inched closer towards the threshold causing Cole to take one step back from the door. “Been reading up have we? Preparing for a war Cole? Because trust me when I say I’m decidedly better armed for whatever it is you think you can do to me but I didn’t come here looking for a fight. I came on Victoria’s behalf; she needs you.” 
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Hello everyone!

The time has come unfortunately to do this but today is the official announcement of my hiatus. I have too much going on in real life and it’s what is causing the block I’ve been having on my writing. Between Codename: DangerAfter MidnightCold BloodedThe Midnight Kiss (a new story I’ve been writing/unpublished), The Chameleon (also unpublished), working on two novels (Secrets Kill & Call Waiting), buying a house, working on completing another degree to start working from home and planning a family with my husband it’s just become overwhelming.

Wow! Am I really doing all that stuff? No wonder my brain’s clogged! My brain also refuses to take a break from anything and keeps thinking up new stories all the while I’m protesting until she wins (hence TMK and TC!) My Mom has also been in and out of the hospital and I’ve been doing a lot of running from my side of town to hers (40 minute drive without traffic) to see her and take care of what she needs.

I have also unfortunately discovered an issue with my game. After downloading a community lot (which was subsequently uninstalled) I have been hit with the “Materializing Materials” bug. For those of you who aren’t aware, this bug occurs when a pattern has INCORRECTLY been converted from a Sims3Pack to a Package file by its creator. What it does is prevents you from the ability of recoloring ANYTHING whether it be clothes in CAS or a car in Build/Buy mode. So it seems a complete uninstall/reinstall of my games is in order and we all know that to be an arduous and aggravating job!

I will continue writing in fact my plan is to work on the stories without the pressure of “publish now” that also adds to writer’s block. The current progress on the stories is as following:

Codename: Danger - 3/8 chapters written, none with shots.
After Midnight - 2/28 chapters written, none with shots. (Sheesh this one has really fallen behind.)
Cold Blooded - up to chapter 51 written, 6 with shots. (Currently published up to Chapter 38.)
The Midnight Kiss - 6/10 chapters written, none with shots. (Started 03/04/14.)
The Chameleon - 2/10 chapters written, none with shots. (Just started yesterday.)

As my work progresses, I’ll update accordingly as I’ve always done to keep you all informed! Thank you everyone for your understanding and taking the time to read my stories. You have all been an incredibly huge support and I appreciate each and every last one of you!

~ Daijah
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Sunday, March 2, 2014

37: Truth and Consequence – Pt. 1

“Hey,” Derrick smiled as Victoria opened the door to let him inside. “I got your message, sorry I didn’t get here sooner but I had to make a pit stop.” His fingers tapped lightly on the top of a box he was holding as he made his way towards her living room.

“It’s ok I was just going over some of the evidence from the last few crime scenes hoping to see some sort of connection. Nothing’s jumped out at me yet though. You look nice tonight. New coat? Did I cut your date short or something?”

“Date, right. No not at all Victoria. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed this or not but it’s sort of snowing outside.”
“Oh trust me I’ve noticed and I’m hoping it doesn’t stick. It was freezing in here too and I don’t care for a white Christmas. I wasn’t aware that you felt the cold though; given that you’re body temperature is oh, dead. As for me, I was about to just give up on this thing and go upstairs to my blanket.”

“Mmm was that an invitation?”
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