Sunday, November 24, 2013

27: My House – Pt. 3

A dizzying blur of red and gold rushed passed her window as she watched life in the small town go by. The air seemed crisper and she inhaled with a smile as the sounds of children playing faded behind the speed of the jeep. Somewhere in the distance a lawn mower roared to life and she found herself reminiscing of days’ past as a child when she would roll around in the fresh cut grass. A cool mist of dew splashed on her face from the ending rain and was quickly dried by the warmth of the sun. Feeling the jeep slowing, Victoria sighed as she rolled her window up.
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Sunday, November 17, 2013

26: My House – Pt. 2

Victoria awoke with the piercing orange sting of sunlight beaming into her bedroom directly into her eyes. The taste of ripened grapes lingered on her tongue and she swallowed a few times to erase the flavor but it didn’t help. The throbbing ache between her temples instantly reminded her of what she’d done after getting off work and she sat up as she found herself passed out in her underwear on top of her sheets. 
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Sunday, November 10, 2013

25: My House – Pt. 1

“Welcome to La Casa de Constantine!” Derrick bowed with a cheesy grin as he opened the door to allow Victoria inside. Beyond the mini-lantern lighted pathway she’d walked towards his door tall oaks surrounded the old mansion bending their branches in a brisk wind. The scent of fresh cut grass drifted into the door behind her and she could faintly make out the distant growl of an engine roaring to life behind his property. “You’ve entered the magic kingdom where elephants fly, chimney sweeps dance and every wish comes true.”

“That’s Disney Derrick,” Victoria sighed, folding her arms over her upper body in a protective shield as she waited on him to reveal his intentions for inviting her over tonight.
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