Sunday, October 19, 2014

49: Strange Bedfellows – Pt. 1

“Nana, please answer your phone! This is close to my 10th message and I’ve still not heard back from you.” Victoria sighed and switched ears, successfully managing to multitask while prepping breakfast for her and Derrick. She flipped the skillet, tossing the pancake up and catching it before lowering the heat on the burner. “It’s really important I talk to you. I need to know what to do next. Call me back, please.”

“Still haven’t heard from Loretta?” Derrick’s voice took her by momentary surprise.
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Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Having more fun than I should with this thing! :P

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Sunday, October 5, 2014

48: To Hell and Back- Pt. 3

*Warning: Amazingly horrific photoshop!*

“You think maybe we should have left Loretta a note, you know, just in case?”

“Oh sure like what? ‘Hey Nana, Derrick and I teleported to a Hell dimension but we should be back soon, pick you up a knickknack on the way home, love you!’?”

“Well not quite as sarcastic but yeah. Her magic is more practiced, Victoria, and if something were to go wrong here with us, we’d have an anchor to help pull us back.” Derrick explained as the two made their way towards the ruined cathedral. “I’m glad you’re feeling better. I was really worried.”

“What? Oh, yeah. Sorry if I scared you. But I actually feel stronger.”

“No, don’t be silly, Victoria. I shouldn’t have fed from you. I could have really…I could have killed you.”
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