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58: Where’d the Wendigo? – Pt. 2

“Sana et Mederi. Sana, sana, Mike, sana, sana,” Victoria chanted. It was going on the third hour she sat on the floor of Derrick’s attic conjuring potions, performing rituals and casting magic. Tirelessly, she’d researched information on cures and healing spells and though none ever seemed to work she was determined to keep trying. And Hades, her loyal and lovable companion, stood watch over his master while she went in and out of trance. Taking hold of the Athamé, she slit her palm open and let the drops of her blood pour into the mortar and crushed it between herbs with her pestle. “Exurge, exurge, exurge. Sana, sana. Látum lausa Draco Sanguinem. Sana, sana, sana,” Victoria continued.

Derrick stood as the door to his attic opened. Slowly, he approached her, taking in her appearance and that of Hades as well. Instantly, his eyes moved to her wrist and the bandage around her palm. “You’re bleeding.”

“I’m fine.”

“Victoria, were you using blood magic in there?” When she didn’t answer, Derrick moved closer and immediately Hades snapped up, growling at the vampire and causing him to back away. “Do you have any idea how dangerous that is?”

“Danger is an everyday occurrence for me so risking it for Mike wouldn’t even warrant a second thought.”


“Derrick, I’m only here to use the magic room you set up for me. If I wanted advice, I would hire a therapist.”

“Well I’m talking to you as a friend.”

“And as my friend, you should understand. I’d do whatever is necessary to help those I love.” Derrick bowed his head and nodded. Moving again, slowly so as not to anger Hades, he pulled Victoria into his arms and apologized. Gently kissing her forehead before examining the wound on her hand. “I told you it was fine.”

“And I just wanted to be sure,” he smiled as he rewrapped her wrist. “Think it worked?”

“We’ll know tonight, one way or the other.”

“Come on. I’ll drive you to work.”

“There’s the birthday boy!” Mike announced, seeing Derrick and Victoria enter the front door. “How does it feel to be older than most of my family and friends combined?”

“Like I was born tomorrow,” Derrick replied with a smirk. “Let’s not forget I could take most of your friends and family in a marathon around the world and not break a sweat.”

“Wait, but do dead people even sweat though?”

“Now, now, Mikey. Derrick’s not dead, he’s UN-dead,” Victoria corrected with a wink. “You two catch up and I’ll be right back.”

“Vik, we need to talk about something.” Derrick followed his eyes and smiled inwardly.

“Five minutes, Mike, tops.”

Moving back around his desk, Mike shut the book he was reading and pretended to organize the papers in his filing tray. “I’m not dangerous, Mike, if that’s what you’re wondering.”

“It’s not. Why would I wonder that? I trust Victoria. And if she’s comfortable being around you or leaving you alone with a wheelchair bound man, I trust it’s because she doesn’t consider you to be a threat.”

“Then why are you so nervous?” Derrick asked, taking a seat in a chair in front of him.

“My nerves have nothing to do with you; not directly, anyway.”

“And what does that mean?”

“What are you? Two? What’s with all the questions?”

“I’m curious by nature. Humor me.”

“Well, Derrick, if you must know, it’s this case you sent us,” Mike replied, pushing a manila folder towards him.

“Marguerite’s missing daughter?”

“Marguerite’s missing wendigo daughter.”

“Ah…” Before Derrick could reply, both men turned towards the door as Victoria reentered, singing.

“Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday to you. Happy Birthday, dear Derrick, Happy Birthday to you,” she carefully strolled towards them holding a cake with the number 418 on top. Derrick stood with a huge smile on his face as she finally stopped and Mike wheeled his chair around closer as he joined in.

“Victoria…” Derrick started, his smile widening as he continued staring at the flickering flames. “I don’t know what to say.”

“Well don’t say anything! Just make a wish and blow out your candles!”

“I wish…”

“NO!” Mike quickly yelled. “You’re not supposed to wish out loud or else it won’t come true.”

Derrick’s brow flinched and Victoria laughed. “Trust him. He’s very superstitious.”

“I am not,” Mike protested to which Victoria furiously nodded yes. Derrick smiled at the two, closed his eyes briefly and blew out the candles.

“YAY!” Victoria cheered and placed the cake on Mike’s desk. 

Mike rolled towards his filing cabinet and grabbed a small box from the bottom drawer. “This is from me and Aria. We put a lot of thought into so…hope you like it.” Derrick quickly unwrapped the gift and pulled out a coupon booklet with a Kama Sutra couple portrayed on the cover. “It’s a sex voucher pad. You give a coupon to your significant other for the specific sex act described and they are obligated to comply. It’s categorized by each orifice.”

“Wow, Mike, that’s a very thoughtful gift,” Victoria replied, scrunching her nose at him.

“I agree,” Derrick smirked as he thumbed through the pages and wiggled his eyebrows towards Victoria. “This should really come in handy.”

“See, Vik, tools and sex.”

“Well ok then,” Victoria sighed, closing the book up in Derrick’s hand. “My turn!” She skipped over to her desk and returned with a large, pink box and a smile. “Open it!”

Her excited dancing made Derrick grin again and he quickly tore through the paper and tape until he was left holding a PlayStation 4 and two video games. “Staked 3 and Van Helsing: The Gathering. You know…I don’t really play video games,” he replied, setting the box in the chair behind him.

“I know but I thought these would be great to help you let off some of that extra vampire energy you have.”

“There are better ways to burn energy, Victoria,” he smirked and inched closer.

“Sex,” Mike fake sneezed and smiled.

“Yeah and then there are video games!” Victoria replied, ignoring her partner’s outburst. “Come on…do you have any idea how hard it is shopping for you? I’ve literally stared at my screen all day long trying to find SOMETHING that I thought you would like.”

“She’s telling the truth. She even started talking to her monitor like it was purposely suggesting bad gifts.”

“See! You’re not the easiest person to shop for. I was all over the place. You weren’t too keen on my Christmas gift and you’re not the teddy bears and chocolates kind of guy and so…in the end, I went with something I liked.”

“It’s perfect, Victoria, anything from you is always perfect. Thank you. The cake looks delicious and I see you even have balloons and streamers…I’ve not celebrated my birthday since I was 25 and I mean actually 25. This is great.”

“Good. I hope you enjoy it. I’ve invited a few people over, a very small group, Captain Ed, Eve from the club…”

“My bartender?”

“Yes. She seemed genuinely excited about the party. Perry’s coming and Cole,” she whispered the last part and looked away. When she turned back to face him, the smile had not vanished and she greeted him with one of her own.

“All of this and it’s not the 7th.”

“Well I was hoping to get the party and stuff done today that way I can have you all to myself tomorrow.”

“Well in that case, it sounds like you have everything worked out.”

“I try,” Victoria giggled as she felt Derrick’s lips edging their way down her neck.

“Um…not alone in this room…stop it or else I’m getting the hose,” Mike threatened and watched the two pull away. “That’s better. Now, Vik, since you’re not busy…”

“Hey, hey!” Mike was interrupted as the first party guest arrived. “Happy birthday, Boss,” Eve grinned and waved a box in her hand. “Where are we putting the gifts?”

“Right this way,” Mike groaned and wheeled himself out of the room. Victoria smiled at Derrick and pulled him behind her.

“I’ll grab more ice from the freezer,” Victoria announced and merrily bounced towards the kitchen. Mike seized the opportunity and rolled in behind her. “Mike, enjoying the party?”

“We seriously need to talk.”

“Ok. What about?”

“Our missing child case.” Victoria sat the bag of ice beside the door, motioned to Derrick to grab it and followed Mike into the upstairs office. “For starters, I’ve been doing a lot of research into Wendigoes, because I admit I knew nothing about them. And what I’m finding out ain’t good. Did you know they’re basically cannibals? And yes, I am talking about the eating human flesh kind only they do it while the victim is still alive!” 

Mike grabbed a book from one of the shelves and propped it open for Victoria to see. “‘The Wendigo is a demonic half-beast creature appearing in the legends of the Algonquian peoples along the Atlantic Coast and Great Lakes Region of both the United States and Canada. The creature or spirit could either possess characteristics of a human or a monster that had physically transformed from a person.’ Vik, I’m not sure we should be doing this I mean…if this is correct our ‘victim’ is really a perp! And just how many people have they indulged themselves on?”

“Mike, I think you’re over thinking it. Our client paid us to find her daughter. Her daughter has no idea what she is and what will happen come full moon tomorrow night. What we should be focusing on is where she could be and, perhaps, who may have taken her.”

“Ah. I have a few ideas about that, too. Remember when we had the discussion about what you were and you told me about Turner and Briggs who were um…changed as well? Maybe what we have here are a couple of, I don’t know, supernatural hunters who may have taken Kelly to satisfy some quota.”

“Oh my god, Mike, I think you might be on to something. Hold on a sec,” Victoria replied and rushed from the room. When she returned she was holding a large case folder and map. “When I was first coming to terms about what I am, I stumbled onto a cult of crazed supernatural fanatics who were attacking people they believed to have mystical energy. They call themselves the Cult of the Damned. One of them attacked me yelling gibberish in Latin…almost killed me.”

“Holy shit, Vik, I had no idea.”

“I know but, I’m fine. Anyway, this attack led me to a serial killer taking body parts off of other supernatural creatures as part of some ritual,” she stated as she spread open the folder and placed the documents for Mike to see. “The case went cold after the last attack but I speculated the killer, or killers, weren’t quite finished.”

“You mean those cases we worked as cops were actually all connected?”

“Yes. I couldn’t tell you then because, well…” Mike nodded and Victoria continued. “The woman we found in the alley, drained of blood and the two before her were all attacked by a vampire. Derrick and I tracked down the culprit and put him to dust but it turns out he was a copycat. The real killer is still out there somewhere. But, if you’re right, this could be the same guy.”

“If that’s the case, he’d have already killed her by now.”

“Not exactly. See, this guy collects parts of a supernatural creature. If Kelly hasn’t changed yet, he will have to wait for her to take her form before he can collect whatever it is he’s after. Vampire fangs, fairy wings, pixie dust, zombie skin, elf ears, whatever, it all has to be collected when the creature is in form.”

“So what was the woman in the alley? Or the two others for that matter.”

“Witches,” Victoria sighed and dropped into the chair beside him.

“Wait a second, Victoria…you could be in some serious danger here.”

“I know,” she replied. “But we can’t worry about that right now. Kelly is missing and if she’s with this guy…she’s the one in serious danger.” 

After the party was over, Mike and Victoria closed up shop with an agreement to get back to work at first light. But Victoria’s mind was too amped up to sleep. Instead, after getting home, she pulled out copies of case files she’d kept from the Avondale Police department concerning the three women and went to work. Why hadn’t she seen it? She knew this guy wasn’t done. In fact she had been waiting for another of his kills to hit the news, but all seemed quiet. This could very well be his first foray back into the slayings. Or, it would be wise of her to check into other missing person’s cases and any of her cold case files for a connection.

“What do you want with Kelly?” she asked aloud as she went over Wendigo anatomy. Nothing in particular jump out at her concerning unique make up. Although, it was theorized that their craving for human flesh was the cause of a mental condition. Somehow she didn’t think the killer was after Kelly’s brain.

Victoria continued staring at the images of the Wendigo until, finally, something did jump out at her. “HORNS!” she yelled for her audience which consisted of a sleeping Hades and a muted TV. “He’s after her horns!” Pulling open the top of a box beside her back door, Victoria located one of the books Derrick had brought her at the start of her information gathering. “A Wendigo’s horns are fabled to be the source of their power. Their abilities to move at neck-breaking speeds, mimic their prey, and change to and from their natural stages appear to be linked to the size, shape and formation of a set of horns. It is him!”

The phone rang, disrupting her flow, but before she could grab it, the answering machine picked up. “Victoria?” Mike’s anxious voice erupted over the machine. “Victoria, it’s Mike. Get to my place, quick! It’s…it’s…hurry!”

“Oh no,” she whispered to herself and dropped the book she was reading to the floor. Changing into a decent pair of clothes, Victoria raced out her front door and used every back street she knew to get to her partner. She arrived in under ten minutes and hurried up his stoop. “Mike?” Hammering his door until she heard the latch click, Victoria finally found herself standing in his living room. “Are you ok? Your voice sounded urgent.”

“Oh, yeah, I’m fine. I just…you’re not going to believe this,” he replied, a big, childlike grin on his face. “Stand back.”

Victoria did as told and gave him a suitable amount of space. Taking a breath, Mike gripped the arms of his wheelchair tightly and slowly placed both feet on the floor. In one, measured movement, he straightened his legs until he was sufficiently supporting his weight and leisurely moved one foot. “MIKE!” Victoria shouted. “YOU’RE WALKING!”

“I KNOW!” he responded, with equal shock and awe. But, taking another step, Mike found himself falling face first to the floor with a large thump.

“Mike!” Victoria quickly moved forward.

“It’s ok, it’s ok, I got it,” he smiled, rolled himself to his back and pushed himself to a seated position. She dropped to the floor as well and scooted up beside him. “You did this, didn’t you?”

“What?” Victoria asked, scrunching her nose at him in confusion. “No. Why would you ask that?”

“Because the doctors, every one I went to, said I was beyond hope; that my spine would never heal barring some miracle. And I don’t know. I may be Catholic but I honestly don’t believe this was a miracle. I was just sitting here, preparing to head to bed when I got this tingling in my thighs. My toes started wiggling and pretty soon sensation returned in my legs. And I just get this feeling that you were somehow involved.”

“I think that’s the sleep talking, partner.”

“Fine. Be that way. Pretend like you didn’t cast some hoodoo on me, witch, but I know the truth,” he laughed and bumped her shoulder with his. But pretty soon, his laughter turned to tears and Victoria threw her arm around him and hugged him close. “Thank you. Thank you for this, Vik. I can’t tell you what it means to…”

“Any time, Mikey. Besides, I got tired of vacuuming out the tracks your wheels left in the carpet,” she joked and listened to him laugh. They sat for a while and she watched as he flexed and wiggled his toes, enjoying the sensation of movement. “So…Mike, you know you’re sitting here in your underwear, right?”

“Yeah. I should probably do something about that, huh?”

“I thought you were going to bed.”

“Are you kidding? My legs are working again, there are too many things to do and so much I’ve missed out on. You and I are heading back to the office and getting to work. And don’t give me that look. I know you. You’re not tired. You were at home working on this case.” Mike hopped up and trotted towards the stairs. “Just give me fifteen minutes to jump into the shower and then we’re off.”

*The Latin words Victoria spoke during her spell were: Heal and cure. Heal, heal, Mike, heal, heal. Rise, rise, rise. Heal, heal. Let loose Dragon’s blood. Heal, heal, heal.*

*Wendigo definition courtesy of Wikipedia.*

*Images of Wendigo courtesy of DementiumTiffanyturrill, and Timterrenal.*



  1. I hope they find Kelly in time. Sad her parents didn't even tell her what she was. Knowing her, she met this creep online and snuck off to meet up with him. That's what these kids do right???

    Aww...Derrick celebrating his 418th birthday. He's looking good for 4 centuries. LOL Mike and the sex book, that's funny. I can understand Vik's struggle, the man is 418 has more money than he could ever spend, hard to shop for.

    So just curious, if that serial killer is taking parts of creatures, what are they taking from the witches? Their blood? I guess that has to be it since they don't really have any other supernatural 'part' for the guy to take.

    Aww yay...she got Mikey his legs back!!! How sweet. I'm sure Atria will be so excited when she gets home.

    Last, Hades, he doesn't trust Derrick and with good reason. Derrick is smart to move slow when advancing towards Vik.

    1. Mike's information really hit on something for them. They are really hard at work. If anyone can do it, they can. And now that Mike has his legs back well...there's no stopping them now :D It's crazy they hadn't told her what she was. But since she wasn't changing until her 18th birthday I guess they just wanted her to live a happy normal life until then. To know you'll be hunted for life might put a damper on a person's childhood.

      Exactyl! And he snubbed her Christmas gift. Granted he seems to love his old suits so I suppose that would be why he thinks a gift card to a tailor is not necessary. But come on, you have everything you want!

      Yep. He's drained 6 witches that they know of completely of blood. As we know that is where their power lies from what Gram relates to Vik about their bloodline.

      YES! The Dynamic Duo is whole again :D And look, he's already getting his mojo back! She definitely will. I'm sure she'll be sad also to have missed his big moment. But he can always reenact it for her.

      Yep. Hades was burned once, but he's onto that evil old vampire. He won't be allowing him to have close contact with his master unless he's certain he's not gone all demonic. Good boy! :P

      Thank you for reading :)