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59: Where’d the Wendigo? – Pt. 3

Victoria…Victoria! What have you done?!

They’ll be after you now. You have to hide.

Don’t let them use you.


The shrill buzzing of the alarm shook Victoria awake. Slowly, she reached to her bedside table and slapped it off. 6:30. “Ugh,” she moaned and rolled to her back. She was used to early mornings but, this was getting ridiculous. Mike had been on a kick which meant less sleep and more investigation. She hated when he got this way. And now that he was upright again, there was nothing stopping him.

“Get up,” she tried to persuade her tired body to move. Mike would be there soon and he’d expect his partner to be on her feet and ready to go. Ding-dong. “No way!” she exclaimed and glanced at the clock again.  It had only been three minutes and her doorbell was already chiming. Victoria groaned and finally pulled herself up.

Shuffling down the stairs, she disabled the alarm and unlocked her front door. Mike was standing there, looking like he’d been ready to go since 3. Hades greeted him before trotting off to his food bowl. “Hey, Partner,” he smiled, waving a tray of fresh brewed coffee in front of her. “Geez. You look like hell.”

“Thanks, Mike. Always the charmer.” He shrugged and she stepped aside to let him in. “This is what happens when you only get 3 hours of sleep.”

“3? I left you at 10. That should have given you at least 7-8 good hours of rest.”

“You’d think. But between my neighbor’s new dogs and the nightmares…”

“Still having those? I thought you said Derrick’s friend…”

“Couldn’t help me. He specializes in dreams. What I’m experiencing are visions; outside of his purview,” she replied with a sigh. “Just, give me 10 minutes and I’ll be ready to go.” Moving with a little more haste, Victoria started back up the stairs while Mike cozied himself on her sofa.

“How’s Aria doing?” Victoria asked, jogging down the stairs. She made a beeline towards the cup in Mike’s hand, a smile on her face as she took the first sip.

“She’s good, thanks. And I actually wanna run something by you a little later about that.”


“Later. Right now, I need to show you something.” Mike started into the dining room and motioned her over while he unfolded a map of the city onto her table. “Taking your lead, I went through a few of the cold cases in Avondale in the last five years. I was looking for any strange disappearances, body dumps or unusual markings listed in the coroner’s reports.”

“Trying to find a pattern to the killings.”

“Right. Well when we found that body near the bus station, there was a break-in not far from the crime scene.”

“At a voodoo shop.”

“Ah. You know.”

“I saw a strange coincidence. The glitter found on one of the victims was also found inside the cash register at the shop. At the time I believed she may have recently purchased something but with the owner’s disappearance I began to suspect his involvement. I think it’s annotated in the file.”

“It is. The shop owner, Malcolm Hamden, you ever find out anything else about his disappearance.”

“Sadly, no. All I know is he was reported missing BEFORE the first body was discovered. Last known location was his shop. I…this all happened right around the time of the shooting,” Victoria sighed. Mike nodded. He understood where she was heading. After his accident, everything fell apart. She quit the department, he announced his retirement and the case became hidden in the shuffle.

“Well, even though it wasn’t a murder, I added the disappearance to the map like the others. Check out what happens when we place markers for the random supernatural occurrences. This one is the shop owner’s disappearance,” he said pointing to a flag on the map. “These three are the drained witches. And this one is where Marguerite said her daughter was supposed to be spending the night. Do you see it?” 

Victoria looked closely at the map and the four locations pinned and gasped. “It looks like the top of a star.”

“A pentagram to be exact,” Mike corrected.


“Way ahead of you, partner.” Grabbing a clear plastic film from one of the other folders he brought with him, he placed the shape of a pentagram on top of the map and Victoria’s eyes widened as, for the first time, they were on the same page as their perp.

Each tip of the 5-point star marked specific locations on the map. Location one was the bus stop where victim number three was dumped. Location two was the grocery store where the first victim was found. Location three was the voodoo shop. Location four, Avondale Community College where victim number two was taken. And location five was an abandoned church near the waterfront. “That has to be where he’s holding Kelly,” Mike said.

“Only one way to find out,” Victoria replied, grabbing her gun from the lockbox in her kitchen cabinet.

Mike drove. He’d insisted on playing chauffeur ever since he was healed. Victoria didn’t mind much. Not anymore. If it wasn’t her partner, it was Derrick. Either way the only time she found herself in control of her own vehicle was when she was alone.

“All of this tracks with the murders 25 years ago in Winchester,” she stated as Mike merged onto the freeway. “When our perp first appeared he murdered three sisters, all witches, drained them of blood and took the eyes of their cat. A few weeks later, a hat shop owner was found stabbed to death in his shop with his ears removed; he was elven,” she said before Mike could ask. “Everything is identical minus the mutilated cat.”

“We should check if any reports have come in about cats missing their eyes.” She nodded and continued gazing out the window. “Ok, let’s say this is the same guy from back then. Why did he wait 25 years before killing again?”

“Well, a lot of rituals require not only the right ingredients and spells but nature can play heavily into the success of an incantation. Weather, lunar cycles, environmental anomalies; they all have a place in magic.”

“Really?” he asked in surprise and looked at her.

“Yeah. Many require moonlight others require rain; spells are finicky in that way.”

“Wow. I have so much to learn about what you do.”

“It’s a real headache. Trust me,” she sighed.

“Ok. So he’s waiting on for the right time. What weather effect happens every 25 years in Avondale?”

“The Lightning Storms,” the detectives said together.

“That explains his absence and why the killings were repeated. He needed to recoup his lost ingredients,” Victoria said.

“Right. Which would hopefully mean Kelly is still alive,” Mike added. “The storms are starting at 12:00 p.m. today!”

“She has to be,” Victoria replied. “I learned that he may be trying to harvest her horns which he can only get once she’s transformed.”

“Alright so that gives us a good 2 hours to get to Kelly before he completes his ritual.” Mike glanced at the watch on his wrist and over to his partner as he pulled his truck to a stop. “You ready?”

“Just waiting on you,” she said and started after him. Victoria drew her weapon and pushed her back against the wall as Mike took lead. He signaled at her and counted down from five on his hand before kicking the door in and moving swiftly inside.

She followed, clearing the rooms he passed as together they searched the old church in hopes of locating the missing girl. With a nod, Mike informed his partner he was moving up the stairs. Victoria acknowledged and continued clearing the bottom floor. 

The wooden slats of the stairs groaned beneath the weight of Mike’s feet as he ascended to the next balcony overlooking the choir area. Hopping over a small hole in the floor, he continued up to the center of the landing and checked the rooms on both sides of the passage. At the last door he opened, a small black object moved into the corner and he quickly raised his weapon. “FREEZE!” he shouted. Instantly a cat jumped out at him causing him to stumble backwards and press hard against the wooden railing.

The weakened wood gave way beneath his weight and crashed to the first floor directly in front of Victoria. She looked up in time to watch Mike lose his balance and follow in the path of the dry rotten lumber. “MIKE!” she shouted, watching him tumble over the railing, flying head first to the hard pavement three stories below.

He closed his eyes, waiting to feel the impact. But when the bone crunching pain seemed delayed, he slowly peeled open his eyelids and took a look around. He was suspended just above the second story and slowly drifting to the ground.

“Vik, are you doing that?” he asked, feeling the weightlessness of his body push against the air as he gracefully landed on his back. He looked up to find his partner standing in the doorway encased in a purple glow, the same one that saw him safely rest on the floor. “Oh I love you, you beautiful, beautiful witch!”

She laughed and hurried over to his side. “We just got you walking again, Mike. Think you can maybe take it easy for a bit and be careful? This place has been condemned for a reason.”


Back on his feet, Mike continued down the rickety hallway with Victoria close behind. “Wait,” he said, holding his hand out for her to stop. Testing the strength of the floorboard in front of him with his foot, he removed a pen from his left pocket and leaned forward. Victoria watched as he tugged at a nearly invisible thread of fish line running from the piece of wood on the floor to something hidden in the ceiling. As he added tension, a whirring sound drew their attention to the left and a large fireman’s axe dropped from the rafters and slashed into the wall beside his head.

“Jesus!” Victoria exclaimed.

“This place is booby-trapped. Be extra careful.”

“I can do you one better,” Victoria replied. “Ostendete!” Flickers of light danced around in front of them before landing in specific parts of the room, each light revealing the locations of traps.

“Impressive.” It took less than two minutes for the detectives to make the trek over the traps before they stood at the door to the bell tower. “Last room,” Mike sighed. “Any tricks you wanna try here?”

Victoria closed her eyes and looked around, shaking her head when she couldn’t sense danger. Slowly, Mike opened the door and stepped inside. “MMM!” They turned as a muffled scream startled them from behind the door.

“Over here!” Victoria reached Kelly first and pulled the tape from over her mouth. “Is he still here?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she whined as Victoria made short work of the ropes binding her to the chair.

“I’m Detective Rizzitello and this is my partner Detective Carson. Your Mom hired us to find you. Don’t worry. We’re gonna get you out of here,” Mike said, helping her stand as Victoria took a look around the room. “Are you hurt?”

“No. He—he hadn’t started yet,” she again sobbed, staring at the collection of tools hanging against the wall. A small magic alter was erected close by and something had been set to boil inside a cauldron. “He was going to kill me. He was talking crazy about horns and—and blood and…I thought for sure I was dead!”

“How long ago did he leave?”

“I don’t…an hour maybe. He said there were more things he needed to collect and he’d be back before nightfall. I don’t know what he meant. Like I said he was crazy!” She exclaimed and wrapped her arms around herself. “Wait, Detective Carson? Victoria Carson?” Victoria turned at the sound of her name and glanced at her partner before moving closer towards Kelly.

“How do you know my name?”

“He—he had a message for you,” Kelly said and handed Victoria a folded piece of paper.

She quickly scanned the letter and again exchanged a look with Mike before handing him the note. “‘I will see you when the sky lights up’. What the hell does that mean? The storms?”

“I guess.”

“Wait, he’s threatening to come after you now? Vik, that must mean he knows what you are.”

“Maybe. I don’t know, Mike. I’ve never met the guy. At least to my knowledge.”

“Christ. As if we didn’t already have enough to deal,” he growled and paced the room. “Ok, we can contact the old department. Let them know you’re being harassed or stalked or…”

“You know just as well as I do that without proof and without provocation there’s nothing they can do. Besides, considering the past acts, there’s no way they’d be equipped to handle it anyway. No. I—we can do this ourselves, Mike. But; that’s a concern for later. Right now the only thing we need to do is get Kelly home. I’m sure her parents are anxious.”

“KELLY!” Marguerite and Daniel ran forward, pulling their daughter into a hug. “Thank you,” Mrs. Mitchell looked over at the detectives. “I don’t know how I could ever repay you.”

“We were just doing our jobs, Ma’am,” Victoria replied with a smile. They said their goodbyes and Mrs. Mitchell handed Mike a check for their services as they exited the front door.

“You know we’ve just released a potential murderer back in the care of her family, right?” Mike asked, following Victoria out to his truck. 

“Not today, Mike. Today she was a victim of a serial killer’s plans to end the world. When she transitions, that might be another story,” she sighed and glanced back into the window of the home with a smile. “Now come on and get me home, I’ve made plans for later.” A loud explosion erupted above them and both detectives turned their attention to the sky as another crackle of lightning lit up the night.

“And what about that?”

“That? That’s a sign of a job well done. Kelly’s safe and back home and…”

“You’ve taken her place at the top of the psycho’s hit list,” Mike finished. “He said he’d see you when the skies lit up, Vik.”

“Take a look around, Mike. Do you see anyone here?”

“That doesn’t mean he’s not around, Vik. And you need to be extra careful. This guy has already proven he can handle supernatural…beings with ease.”

“Aww are you worried about me, Mike?”

“Well ain’t it obvious? We just got our partnership up and running again. I don’t want to lose you now. I can’t.”

“I’ll be safe. I promise,” she smiled and slid into the car. Flashes of brilliant white and blue lights continued illuminating the dark sky as Mike drove Victoria home.

“Do you think all the cases we get now are going to be weird?”

“Weird?” Victoria asked with a slight inflection.

“Oh stop it, you know what I mean.”

“Yes, Mike, I do. Don’t forget ‘weird’ saved your ass tonight.”

“Don’t get me wrong, I’m very grateful for that. I also don’t clump you into the same class as all the others that we’ve—I’ve met so far. I mean aside from you know Derrick, everyone else though…you don’t stop being beautiful when you um…do your thing.”


“I’m not trying to offend you or anything, Vik, please understand. I love you I just…I’ve lived life believing a certain way. And then you come along and pretty much shatter all that.”

“No, it’s not that, Mike,” Victoria sighed and glanced at her partner with a sly smile. “You think Derrick is beautiful?” She couldn’t help the laughter that followed and the twisted expression on her friend’s face as he thought over what he said. “To answer your question, Mike, I have no idea what kinds of cases we’ll get at the business. What I can tell you, though, is the ones we did receive came directly from ‘you know who.’” Mike shrugged and Victoria clarified. “Derrick.”

“Right… Remind me to shoot him next time I see him.”

“Will do,” she smiled and stared out the window at the light show.

“Here we are,” Mike announced as they pulled into Victoria’s driveway.

“So, Mike, what did you want to talk to me about?” Victoria asked, loosening her seat belt and opening her door.


“Earlier when you came to get me you said you had something to talk to me about concerning Aria.”

“Oh, right…uh…yeah…” he slammed his car door and followed her up to the front stoop. “I’m um…damn…what do you think about helping me shop for a ring?”

“MIKE!” Victoria gasped and jumped up and down excitedly. “You’re going to propose?”

“Well, I don’t know. I was thinking about it. You think it’s too early? I mean we’ve been together just a little over two years and you know…that might be a little…soon?”

“What? That’s not…seriously? No, absolutely not. I think it’s wonderful. This is great news, Mikey!” His nose scrunched up when she said his name and she laughed. “Don’t tell me you’re growing up and want me to stop calling you that.”

“No. Never. It’s just your excitement. You’re such a girl!”

“Oh stuff it!” she grinned and jabbed his arm. “I’m just really happy for you.”

“I can tell,” he laughed and rubbed his arm where she hit him. “So I might need you to do your witchy thing. I don’t know her ring size and I don’t want to tip her off, you know?”

“I don’t think you need magic for that, Mike. Just plain old-fashioned snooping. I’ll take her to lunch and get you your answer.”

“Thanks, Vik. I knew I could count on you,” he smiled and leaned against her door as she undid the lock. “So what are these plans you had me rush you home for?”

“Um, today is Derrick’s birthday. I’m heading to his place to surprise him.”

“Oh yeah? Putting that book I gave him to use huh?” Victoria smirked and watched as he backed away from the door. “Nevermind, I don’t want to know,” Mike grinned. “Have fun, Vik. I’ll catch you later.”


*Author’s note: Ostendete means “show” in Latin.

Location where Kelly was found is called “Sanctus” and is created by MelissaSims.

The following chapter is basically all sex. Yep! 7 pages of sex. Nothing of real merit takes place so feel free to skip it if you’d like.


  1. Oh wow. So...yay for them finding Kelly before that guy killed her. Now I hope her parents will explain to her what's about to happen tonight because she needs to know. I still can't believe they didn't tell her what she was!!!

    So, they messed up this guy's plans, and he has a threat against Vik. On the plus side, if he tried anything tonight, she's with Derrick so perfectly safe. 25 years this man has waited for this night, but now what will he do?

    Aww Mikey!!! He's getting hitched!!! Congrats to him, and Vik helping him ring shop. That's so sweet. They are such good friends. :)

    1. Kelly got away clean. >:)

      She was rather lucky to have been found. >:)

      Vik and Mike were happy to safely return her to her parents. >:)

      Muhahaha *cough cough*

      Yeah that's kind of a need to know thing. Seriously! Things could have gone really bad for her had she found out in the middle of say...class? Haha. Bad parenting. Yep!

      Victoria has upset this guy's plans one too many times and now he's looking to put a stop to her meddling ways (that sounds oh so Scooby Doo!) Let's hope she and Mike and figure out who he is and stop him for good before it's too late. 25 years for it all to come crashing down. Ha! I bet he wasn't planning for that :P Oh yeah he'd not even make it up the driveway of Derrick's place. Perfectly safe place for her!

      They really are. LOL She's very excited to help! I think this relationship for Mike kinda took him by surprise as he was not even sure it would make it passed the dating stage earlier in the story. Guess he was wrong!

      Thank you for reading :)